[Grml-testing-changes] live-boot_20160511+grml.1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Tue Jul 5 19:45:40 CEST 2016

1:20160511+grml.1 of live-boot successfully installed in grml-testing. 

 live-boot (1:20160511+grml.1) unstable; urgency=medium
   The "capetown AKA debconf16" release
   [ Evgeni Golov ]
   * [d7a4f37] allow the use of multiple initramfs hooks and scripts again
   * [16ee41d] make copying libnss_dns.so.* unconditionally
   * [11a6c11] fix detection of (no)persistence option in read-only mode
   * [03fc557] update manpages with default overlay filesystem
   [ Ulrich Dangel ]
   * [f747483] Add kms modules to initramfs
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * [1799c46] Try loading phram module twice to fix loading issue.
   * [ac5eb22] Revert toram bootoption to expected behaviour.
   * [e3cbd82] Enable write-mode for persistency related devices in
     readonly/forensic mode
   * [da50dd4] ignore "unknown" filesystems in is_supported_fs()
   * [6f465dd] Support dns bootoption.
   * [de513c1] Drop deprecated live-boot-grml init script
   * [a00236b] debian/rules: drop deprecated build target
   * [54c3318] debian/rules: drop dpatch workaround which is no longer
   * [a4eba80] Drop dpkg trigger for update-initramfs
   * [010800e] Adjust permissions of backend/initramfs-tools/kms.hook
   * [7da805e] Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.8
   * [50ff238] Revert "Copy /etc/live/boot{,.conf} to initramfs"
   [ Wolfgang Scheicher ]
   * [30b31df] Enable multiple lower layers for overlayfs
   [ Russell Stuart ]
   * [4ec4294] default the host in fetch urls to be ROOTSERVER if it is
     blank (Closes: #800498)
   [ Raphaƫl Hertzog ]
   * [e81e9c6] Update build system to rely on "dpkg-parsechangelog -S
     Version" instead of outdated VERSION file.
   * [e75ad2c] Fix typo in variable name
   * [3d23fca] No longer modify PATH to point to /root (Closes: #823069)
   * [cbf1f9d] Some fixups to ensure we work with busybox/klibc-utils
   * [3d30fee] Drop debian/source/*options and dh_builddeb override
   * [40bb20f] Prepare for release
   [ Kristian Klausen ]
   * [b98d289] Copy /etc/live/boot{,.conf} to initramfs
 ad30b24e3ce486a81e7127f4b2594a082b10974d 1753 live-boot_20160511+grml.1.dsc
 fa075c8366f083876e3add88f8d592c8f670066c 105732 live-boot_20160511+grml.1.tar.xz
 49fd5539158defb27402233b9f417fda01c6fcdb 71798 live-boot-grml-doc_20160511+grml.1_all.deb
 10a83f339faa5be655925759c01653b4a210c12c 35378 live-boot-grml-initramfs-tools_20160511+grml.1_all.deb
 c3d3364e36fb76da72db876e1f75d06d96f15a4c 59260 live-boot-grml_20160511+grml.1_all.deb
 71e18ed50317599e3c114c938d9fb9daa7acf997a31e32d139a1f4e25e8ae545 1753 live-boot_20160511+grml.1.dsc
 6d177dc27fcdd23ca486be5a985a1b15185dcd57304247f885b8c179bd18417c 105732 live-boot_20160511+grml.1.tar.xz
 dfca09f5ffc929faee34fa6c09acfa670e6960e641fc53f38332d9235e1fa0a4 71798 live-boot-grml-doc_20160511+grml.1_all.deb
 2914a3487344d9bf8476e6edd403ab03a043b51833300b2df45d6f08cfc54c57 35378 live-boot-grml-initramfs-tools_20160511+grml.1_all.deb
 3356269f0bb900fb7e812b56efe70d473982debd440d76cd31c91cccdf23ac31 59260 live-boot-grml_20160511+grml.1_all.deb
 59a64f2f834eb4a20f25cd736dfac07a 1753 misc optional live-boot_20160511+grml.1.dsc
 168ce0674826bf0a8cd4381d10e7b67e 105732 misc optional live-boot_20160511+grml.1.tar.xz
 c2c4fe75a7f3a290b6066a0c6aae5cda 71798 doc optional live-boot-grml-doc_20160511+grml.1_all.deb
 fa8ad4da538f4639aba783d3a135c917 35378 misc optional live-boot-grml-initramfs-tools_20160511+grml.1_all.deb
 5b7cf9faa7eef6652735e7ea72ec9084 59260 misc optional live-boot-grml_20160511+grml.1_all.deb

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