[Grml-testing-changes] grml-live_0.19.0_amd64.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Tue May 8 17:45:13 CEST 2012

0.19.0 of grml-live successfully installed in grml-testing. 
Closes: 1165
 grml-live (0.19.0) unstable; urgency=low
   The "progress everywhere" release.
   [ Ulrich Dangel ]
   * [424e4c8] Update ssh documentation
   * [f1934c0] Fix purpose comment of
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * Bugfixes and improvement related changes:
     - [6eb1b1e] Use ";" as separator character when adjusting
       DEFAULT_BOOTOPTIONS via sed [Closes: issue1165]
     - [94a9b17] Generate static loopback.cfg configuration without
       depending on GRUB's regexp module
     - [f56cc0d] grml-live-remaster: Slightly adjust check for running
       Grml session
     - [7419019] grml-live-remaster: Support mkisofs + genisoimage
     - [5081cf1] grml-live-remaster: Drop deprecated mksquashfs-lzma support
     - [5e52583] grml-live-remaster: Slightly improve argument check and
       send error message to stderr
     - [d74ed63] grml-live-remaster: Fix bashism
     - [cf1e362] Add a few kB of lines made of # charaters to the end
       of the main syslinux config file. Thanks to Marco d'Itri
   * Software related changes:
     - [d91a6d4] Add disktype to GRML_SMALL and GRML_FULL
     - [dc28a1b] add hostapd to GRML_FULL. Thanks to Matthias Strubel for
     - [e06b6cf] Move vlock to GRMLBASE. Thanks to Thomas Arendsen Hein
       for reporting
     - [723b823] Add rfkill to GRML_SMALL, GRML_FULL + GRML_XL.
       Thanks to Alexander Wirt <formorer at grml.org> for the hint
     - [637a57e] Add mosh to GRML_FULL and GRML_XL
     - [e1719d6] Remove grml-feedback from GRML_{SMALL,MEDIUM,FULL,XL}
     - [7d188c0] Add flashrom to GRML_FULL
     - [3770abe] Replace all references to kernel specific versions
       with linux-image-{i386,amd64}-grml
   [ Evgeni Golov ]
   * [27c41d7] check for existence of /etc/grml and /live
   * [d365bf7] sudoers has to be owned by uid 0
   * [9f40afc] lsb-base: override output of the status on the left
     side of the terminal
 a664f443c74a630ae4b5ff01ee1baccaf3f3d2a9 995 grml-live_0.19.0.dsc
 5548312b2f29ff9499bcc1c8631bc9ac3088cbfb 517679 grml-live_0.19.0.tar.gz
 328224aff007da171dc57a6b1bb4bb587124ec80 540384 grml-live_0.19.0_all.deb
 fa5688bb35e555516675bdbe4d22f937202c1f1b 64656 grml-live-db_0.19.0_all.deb
 babee365ce4ce1bbfb3e1837905344a703a145e3d025dadba2d0446a998c3cff 995 grml-live_0.19.0.dsc
 db449506bbaa03b90e4e4c27b03cf543161ccee1b3738a2a1dbe617200f251f2 517679 grml-live_0.19.0.tar.gz
 1b65c5ec53617de24311741eef91e14b7acaaead345a0b2f93a16a933baa1fcb 540384 grml-live_0.19.0_all.deb
 9fb38cdfb330affb619dff21ad5ac15b2708708b148b457e2a574bf3ba90a64c 64656 grml-live-db_0.19.0_all.deb
 6d6b3210c3f1b4c2030b3983c806511e 995 grml extra grml-live_0.19.0.dsc
 6bde5485c0f8f666fda964a66f81c326 517679 grml extra grml-live_0.19.0.tar.gz
 3f08ea97541fbdf127def8477b869ae2 540384 grml extra grml-live_0.19.0_all.deb
 a3c77ccf5c393078786591219bdde93b 64656 grml extra grml-live-db_0.19.0_all.deb

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