[Grml-testing-changes] grml-scripts_1.4.7_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Fri Sep 30 15:38:56 CEST 2011

1.4.7 of grml-scripts successfully installed in grml-testing. 

 grml-scripts (1.4.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * [fd86ffc] Run our TTYs with our own tty runner
     (this adds grml-runtty) (Closes: issue1058)
   * [80bb009] Remove gsuggest
   * [b228766] Fix spelling error in grml-scripts.1
   * [695d3a5] Add description of lodgeit to grml-scripts(1)
   * [3c1d083] Add debian/control headers Origin, Bugs
   * Packaging cleanup:
     * [7d2cc40] Remove Conflicts on purely-virtual scanmodem
     * [1950baa] Move Conflicts grml-autoconfig << 0.9.19 to Breaks
     * [6600cbb] Remove version from grml-autoconfig Suggests
     * [5185095] Remove Conflicts grml-etc-core version from 2006
     * [f42a437] Fix lintian W: debian-rules-missing-recommended-target
 4371b9b573db7d2bee7fdfbf28f5d6a3298c86c2 199470 grml-scripts_1.4.7_i386.deb
 b04f615bc8ac42fee80f3dc1ccda1fad59b075c7b221a0ee9706a482ebb18187 199470 grml-scripts_1.4.7_i386.deb
 6fdf34b188111b222dcc478e6aadfcc7 199470 utils optional grml-scripts_1.4.7_i386.deb

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