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Wed May 11 00:16:08 CEST 2011

0.98.8+grml02 of initramfs-tools successfully installed in grml-testing. 

 initramfs-tools (0.98.8+grml02) unstable; urgency=low
   Special release for grml 2011.05.
   [ maximilian attems ]
   * [6c144d0] fix path to nfsroot documentation
   * [87fefea] mkinitramfs: Enhance error warning (LP: #601380)
   * [7824546] bug script: detect any MODULES=dep setting
   * [1b7e6a3] initramfs-tools: cryptsetup dist upgrade fix (Closes: #607090)
   * [82b0496] MODULES=dep Fix partitioned raid setup (Closes: #605824)
   * [d49e87a] initramfs-tools: MODULES=dep fix for ubifs / (Closes: #608339)
   * [17f799a] mkinitramfs: Fix noexec /tmp detection for long device names.
     Thanks to Ian Campbell <ijc at hellion.org.uk> (Closes: #608865)
   * [ce45cd0] update-initramfs: Show the mkinitramfs on error message.
   * [5b84e5b] maintainer-notes.html: Fix email to send patches to.
   * [59f9c1e] mkinitramfs: Nuke MIN_VERSION handling.
   * [ec6a77f] doc: s/ressources/resources/
   * [3c717fa] initramfs-tools: preinst use blkid for uuid generation if around.
     (Closes: #609964)
   * [8e2ffcd] postinst cleanup very old dpkg trigger comparison.
   * [78cdb26] mkinitramfs: Add support for xz compression.
   * [f5b8347] hook-functions: Cleanup ref to ide-disk
   * [6cab0ec] initramfs-tools: cleanup any usplash traces
   * [08d4895] initramfs-tools: Remove mkinitramfs-kpkg (Closes: #502792)
   * [0ed6376] initramfs-tools: add hid_sunplus to listed keyboard drivers
   * [5f53d3b] init: load netconsole after loading network drivers
     (Closes: #596742)
   * [7ff2998] debian/copyright: Update authorlist and year attribution
   * [e789cdd] maintainer-notes: Use git dch --multimaint-merge on examples
   * [17296ff] dep_add_modules: Use hidden_dep_add_modules for ubifs
   * [3d44bfb] hidden_dep_add: Use mika's variadic function from $2 on
   * [8f8299d] mkinitramfs: copy over on build instead of using symlink tree
     (Closes: #338405, #506540)
   * [f5afa6a] mkinitramfs: Add lib search path + run full ldconfig in initramfs
     (Closes: #612633, #619670)
   * [a912048] mkinitramfs: creat /run initramfs directory
   * [447e487] initramfs-tools: init mount /run tmpfs
   * [4f77a2b] init: No need to touch /dev/.initramfs
   * [071af19] hook-functions: xhci-hcd got renamed.
     Thanks to Matthew Wilcox <willy at linux.intel.com> (Closes: #625224)
   [ Tim Small ]
   * [1fe9f78] Add Documentation for modules=list in initramfs.conf(5)
     (Closes: #603903)
   [ Milan Kupcevic ]
   * [a06d2e6] initramfs-tools: Load PowerMac G5 thermal modules
     (Closes: #603981)
   [ Aad dame ]
   * [fffd3a2] initramfs-tools: Fix MODULES=dep on an AOE device
     (Closes: #607509)
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * [7293849] initramfs-tools: Handle hidden dependency of libcrc32c on crc32c
     (Closes: #608538)
   * [c018886] kernel hooks: Treat missing version argument as an error
   * [58ee42c] kernel hooks: Enable error-exit (sh -e)
   * [7866542] update-initramfs: Depend on kernel hook scripts rather than $ramdisk invocation
   * [43fe8e6] update-initramfs: Remove support for 'do_bootloader' and specific boot loaders
   [ Gianluigi Tiesi ]
   * [9c25269] mkinitramfs: misleading message in verbose mode (gzip not found, using gzip)
     (Closes: #611046)
   [ Timo Juhani Lindfors ]
   * [871ffe7] initramfs-tools: Make panic message visible even if panic= is used
   * [2525b00] initramfs-tools: Inform the user about reboot on panic=
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * [465a5f1] hidden_dep_add_modules(): make it dynamically to support more than 3 arguments as well
   [ Evan Broder ]
   * [ad1a594] initramfs-tools: Fix handling of numeric root= arguments to be udev-friendly
     (Closes: #606806)
   [ Michael Tokarev ]
   * [aa77c86] mkinitramfs: No need to warn about md-root busybox dep.
   [ Christian Hofstaedtler ]
   * [df5df60] init: move /proc after moving other filesystems
   [ rleigh ]
   * [064688b] init: Preserve state on old boxes without /run on rootfs
   * [bb0987d] init: sync mount options with the defaults in initscripts
     (Closes: #621803)
 476989693fa844e8e7380185fcf4a226fda00004 1641 initramfs-tools_0.98.8+grml02.dsc
 7e7577c20eb95ee5ac751c0b4cace6d3324c7b34 83454 initramfs-tools_0.98.8+grml02.tar.gz
 0b1134d09ee7811ebb8047fd2ad388ff4e9f5c15 88852 initramfs-tools_0.98.8+grml02_all.deb
 af4eba60f685a176aece9850f07f237e67cb0c91092b45260cf252d980bc6b93 1641 initramfs-tools_0.98.8+grml02.dsc
 0b2607bcc8cd521efbba7890b0620a0fdc5759277779fdfbae164ee8d0d8f0cd 83454 initramfs-tools_0.98.8+grml02.tar.gz
 9cd2350ca94bc057b3ccb0d1bb5d95aa91fff202936d7d4494589842d1913c6e 88852 initramfs-tools_0.98.8+grml02_all.deb
 15733da81f189eb40c72a44c6c7b7a07 1641 utils optional initramfs-tools_0.98.8+grml02.dsc
 b18e2bf5b4ec8ce6204280f46696c080 83454 utils optional initramfs-tools_0.98.8+grml02.tar.gz
 ecaf26e5a38da2c9b5aef3d1340340f3 88852 utils optional initramfs-tools_0.98.8+grml02_all.deb

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