[Grml-testing-changes] grml-etc-core_0.3.75_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Mon Sep 7 18:10:13 CEST 2009

0.3.75 of grml-etc-core successfully installed in grml-testing. 

 grml-etc-core (0.3.75) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Frank Terbeck ]
   * zshrc: mark specialized run-help functions for autoloading
   * zshrc: remove reload(). 'exec zsh' is a much more robust way of
     reloading the configuration.
   * zshrc: remove sig() function
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * zshrc: fix description of alias md (it's mkdir and not rmdir).
   * Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3 (no further changes).
   [ Joerg Woelke ]
   * zshrc: Fix lsx and lsl aliases.
   * zshrc: Removing shtgz(). shtar() does the same, just portably.
   * zshrc: Remove broken ytdl() function.
   * zshrc: Typo fixes
   * zshrc: Remove aliases ips and check_dpkg_running.
   * zshrc: Remove tla aliases.
 5990fd6a080b7f3d0400dc8924863a4176da0f92 869 grml-etc-core_0.3.75.dsc
 ee568fcdbc3e6438b17f8df9e96200f2f670f340 113195 grml-etc-core_0.3.75.tar.gz
 1d9a04f16bb306ccfee6f2298505d3d58ab6fc47 116656 grml-etc-core_0.3.75_all.deb
 a9d158b85f0b449ce64e55556fcb650dcdaf025bbb1b0969c1f5fcbb00375e18 869 grml-etc-core_0.3.75.dsc
 59b1fd43fd8e82058ab0c6ce4e0046212ebbce13b62d4c123834de13a6e1f35d 113195 grml-etc-core_0.3.75.tar.gz
 e6bb6d974104d6fbe8034c4942d93a37317f0113e449fbe0a64332e189c199ae 116656 grml-etc-core_0.3.75_all.deb
 145663ee40a59c449788d7348f0e85af 869 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.3.75.dsc
 78765506e4f88e11e6f106ce2aa91e1a 113195 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.3.75.tar.gz
 429a1aa54887139d57c410a0dafc9a56 116656 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.3.75_all.deb

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