[Grml-testing-changes] grml-live_0.9.9_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Mon Feb 23 14:03:38 CET 2009

0.9.9 of grml-live successfully installed in grml-testing. 
Closes: 492,396,570,632,631
Testing: 622,412
 grml-live (0.9.9) unstable; urgency=low
   * Update to kernel 2.6.28-grml[64].
   * Changes in GRML_FULL:
     - drop package tspc (see #462738 and #515193)
     - replace gqview with geeqie (thanks, Spida)
   * Changes in GRML_MEDIUM:
     - add beep (on request by gebi)
     - add dstat (on request by gebi)
     - add mc (on request by Christian Kuehlborn)
   * Document noautoconfig in grml-cheatcodes. Thanks to Ralf Moll!
   * buildd:
     - rename all etch* related scripts to lenny*
     - adjust scripts to use "lenny" instead of "stable" for building
       [to avoid that "etch" is used as build name but lenny is used]
     - use "$NAME-daily-$SUITE" in functions.sh as build name so
       identifying ISOs while running them is easier
   * Support squeeze as valid suite name.
   * Comment Debian/unstable in /etc/grml/fai/apt/preferences by default.
     This should avoid issues with something like
     'apt-get -t experimental ...'
   * Consequently drop 'Latest change' lines from all files.
   * Support generation of sha1sum [Testing: issue622]
   * Drop first, unnecessary APPEND line in isolinux.cfg and syslinux.cfg.
     [Closes: issue492]
   * Do no longer use the bootoption lang=us by default. We use it by default
     in grml-autoconfig anyway and this shortens our /proc/cmdline.
   * Run commands requiring network access through 'timeout 10' by default
     if possible. [Closes: issue396]
   * Do not use build server's hostname for /etc/mailname and
     /etc/bacula/bacula-fd.conf. [Testing: issue412]
   * Add "forensic" to the append line when using the forensic kerneloption
     so we can grep for it in any case.
   * 15-initsetup: keep a backup of the original runlevel.conf file.
     Thanks to Thomas Lehmann for the idea! [Closes: issue570]
   * instsoft.GRMLBASE: support installation of multiple gpg keys
     via /etc/grml/fai/files/etc/apt/*.key
   * isolinux.cfg/syslinux.cfg: Drop duplicated 'MENU DEFAULT'.
     Thanks to Thomas Lehmann for the bugreport!
   * Move /etc/grml/fai/apt/preferences to /etc/grml/fai/files/etc/apt/.
     This simplifies the directory layout a bit. Clarify its usage
     in /etc/grml/fai/apt/important_note.txt
   * Install all files from /etc/grml/fai/files/etc/apt. This supports
     usage of directories like /etc/apt/apt.conf.d. Thanks for the
     hint to Thomas Lehmann. [Closes: issue632]
   * Replace all "sed -i 's/././' foo" calls with
     'sed -i 's/././' foo | sponge foo' instead inside main grml-live script
     so we don't destroy any existing symlinks. Depend on moreutils therefor.
     [Closes: issue631]
   * Integrate bsd4grml [hash: 987ce9a6f9ce205ba64794ed3fcac603]. This
     provides MirBSD as bootoption 'bsd' at grml's bootprompt. Thanks to
     Thorsten "mirabilos" Glaser for his work! Add support for
     configuring NO_ADDONS_BSD4GRML via configuration file.
   * Add informational header to /etc/grml/fai/apt/sources.list and
     update docs regarding the file.
   * If specified SUITE is unstable use 'sid' instead (to avoid breakages
     with debootstrap).
   * Support NO_ADDONS via configuration file.
   * Always skip mksquashfs part when using -q option.
   * Adjust configuration files on the fly only when the according lines
     aren't comments.
 cb1c9f55caa32a2f493110f4c06fc8830a59352b 879 grml-live_0.9.9.dsc
 5c54ff623a2a2c8468280b6c15b67a2ce32c246d 6768751 grml-live_0.9.9.tar.gz
 a05fbde58daf8996a1e91b9cc9ce121f6701d18e 6774784 grml-live_0.9.9_all.deb
 870be76cd65a0b059a95062beee64bbe286a6f9c80bc1542e34c327f58cf5bc4 879 grml-live_0.9.9.dsc
 a0713bbd64a226ba8790586368d4b3c73f97d6a460bdf7b69f19ca29e7242900 6768751 grml-live_0.9.9.tar.gz
 1bfc5617e45618381319832972adf6cf9e7a234c1ec7bb6b945a7895a854784c 6774784 grml-live_0.9.9_all.deb
 633c06badacb0ee7e7bf0879575c120c 879 grml extra grml-live_0.9.9.dsc
 7a40192fa4d176480f6554bc3f8ad4f0 6768751 grml extra grml-live_0.9.9.tar.gz
 310c19e9404159a63edc026d0bb7994e 6774784 grml extra grml-live_0.9.9_all.deb

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