[Grml-testing-changes] grml-live_0.9.12_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

Archiv User archive at debs.grml.org
Sat Apr 11 12:45:42 CEST 2009

0.9.12 of grml-live successfully installed in grml-testing. 
Closes: 471,652
 grml-live (0.9.12) unstable; urgency=low
   * Add noapic, noresume, selinux=0 and edd=off to 'failsafe'
     bootoption and use maxcpus=0 instead of maxcpus=1.
   * Add dvtm to GRML_FULL (thanks to plh).
   * GRML_FULL and GRML_FORENSIC: replace libewf with libewf1.
   * Add packages to GRML_MEDIUM:
     - nfs-kernel-server [Closes: issue471]
     - aufs-tools (thanks for suggestion, Tong Sun) [Closes: issue652]
   * Remove madwifi* from GRML_FULL and GRML_MEDIUM (being replaced
     by ath5k and ath9k of linux kernel 2.6.28, see #519446).
   * Update bsd4grml to version 20090411.
 4c7f7cec5cd01d0bca568346f097d9abe8d1bad1 883 grml-live_0.9.12.dsc
 3b2a14a07471aea55caa1c77943eedc62365655c 6773234 grml-live_0.9.12.tar.gz
 40f07b9673e31f6e5031dd86ff2d3d39d97e3978 6778142 grml-live_0.9.12_all.deb
 ffd558f9aef7a23b53133a6f3a2dd22b73f23ad505055bbfdb2fd5d8d1e2ff6a 883 grml-live_0.9.12.dsc
 30382fc1974b56ab3812310f88a85e283bdb98dd7de1c620d52b28210062f93b 6773234 grml-live_0.9.12.tar.gz
 73ac001d52229464b12ca6d97fd797fabca914df2322cec507a9bdf2c20eae9c 6778142 grml-live_0.9.12_all.deb
 3eb95f705e1abb041de36d98a2dc9dad 883 grml extra grml-live_0.9.12.dsc
 299224fc47946047c27123fae9f2f8dd 6773234 grml extra grml-live_0.9.12.tar.gz
 94391552b2dae6a9dd2b38bacede1f7c 6778142 grml extra grml-live_0.9.12_all.deb

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