[Grml-testing-changes] live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Mon Apr 6 17:30:41 CEST 2009

1.157.1-1grml.01 of live-initramfs successfully installed in grml-testing. 

 live-initramfs (1.157.1-1grml.01) unstable; urgency=low
   * Resync with Debian's 1.157.1-1 (mentioning just the relevant changes):
     [ Daniel Baumann ]
     * Only snapshotting in initscript when we actually run with persistence.
     [ Rene Mayrhofer ]
     * Checking if /var/log is writable before trying to copy live.log
       to the newly mounted root filesystem (Closes: #516914).
     [ Daniel Baumann ]
     * Adding hack to remove live specific filesystems from
       umounfs initscript (Closes: #506410, #515718).
     * Adding comsetic line wrapping for output of local-gen messages
       during boot.
     * Merging casper 1.157.
     * Only calling install-keymap if it's actually installed, which is
       always but in minimal images the case though (Closes: #517153).
     * Adding silent boot parameter.
     * Respecting media timeout even when specificing media device manually.
     * Also allowing to use the removable keyword for specifying a live media.
     * Adding removable-usb keyword to further restrict live media selection.
     * Correcting check for usb when using removable-usb keyword.
     * Correcting typo in locale bottom script.
 b1425248a65de673e5e1237dfa3139414cd290a0 1276 live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01.dsc
 bd7e777325c22e46b781b0c44c6162e3ddce613b 82029 live-initramfs_1.157.1.orig.tar.gz
 0a0ce590855e33307e51b592654485c3a68e3799 16132 live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01.diff.gz
 d25eb776a6afbd2882bb812d08ce0fee7784e159 79654 live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01_all.deb
 3a0721c4fabb540c06a44d4fe293c0b70f441fde514cb1634dd14e7e5534b4ac 1276 live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01.dsc
 bbc7a115c87f70e3b0b7b200159d932ee2bc1bb583da746469f57cbdb240e97e 82029 live-initramfs_1.157.1.orig.tar.gz
 1cb88cde4f777366cdfd2fc6ff81ffcc7675c5b9ebff104e552cbf68f4523147 16132 live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01.diff.gz
 831e96f0b1ce19dead7223bc2826dccf3b6dc76bdb8f31a24e7a501f204da1df 79654 live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01_all.deb
 41eb7f0bf187faa3d12c54969a49cf89 1276 misc optional live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01.dsc
 8c24ca5bc39a62ffb9e9f20be115b2ca 82029 misc optional live-initramfs_1.157.1.orig.tar.gz
 4c67d127b65f4faf62f9f05cf872f31b 16132 misc optional live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01.diff.gz
 7385d98a7cd97ce04c47758b14602e4c 79654 misc optional live-initramfs_1.157.1-1grml.01_all.deb

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