[Grml-testing-changes] grml-etc_1.1.13_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Mon Apr 6 11:52:03 CEST 2009

1.1.13 of grml-etc successfully installed in grml-testing. 
Closes: 618,468
 grml-etc (1.1.13) unstable; urgency=low
   * /etc/skel/.ipython/ipythonrc: Do not activate the
     IPython.Extensions.InterpreterExec module by default anymore.
     Upstream does not ship this configuration snippet as well.
     Thanks for reporting and debugging, wuehlmaus! [Closes: issue618]
   * /etc/skel/.Xresources: improve xterm/ uxterm font setup.
     This should fix our longstanding unicode problem. Thanks to
     Thorsten Glaser for help. [Closes: issue468]
     Additionally add configuration for urxvt.
   * /etc/skel/.Xmodmap: Use 'EuroSign' instead of 'currency'.
   * Debian postrm:
     - when removing the package use /etc/init.d/rc instead
       of /etc/init.d/grml-[reboot|halt].
     - make sure the ssh init script even exists if something is failing
   * Slightly improve message for removing media from tray on reboot/halt.
 bbf28ed94255c2e63c6ee8da41fa9fdd882052d6 833 grml-etc_1.1.13.dsc
 79e38a1a1442376788c61797cdcffa9546c8562c 157139 grml-etc_1.1.13.tar.gz
 8953cb50cfcfe95a197ef31f943a4276a7ef8579 157960 grml-etc_1.1.13_all.deb
 d6c1773f53f7d031911d0daa60afed1f140dc75e45275772194ebd517f5c5ccd 833 grml-etc_1.1.13.dsc
 3d25b92f1fe27ba3329398024d91108f593366ce6840ff42b90b537f1490ea52 157139 grml-etc_1.1.13.tar.gz
 056e59b4161ef73879c92837699954baa4b86685a8fc64540baaeb34dadca007 157960 grml-etc_1.1.13_all.deb
 29a99d71ab8b84386e2099377b39a772 833 grml optional grml-etc_1.1.13.dsc
 254cf1acb6bbcead45b7016d48c8ffc1 157139 grml optional grml-etc_1.1.13.tar.gz
 f8eff392b9f83c910ebb25338d87ee50 157960 grml optional grml-etc_1.1.13_all.deb

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