[Grml-testing-changes] grml-etc-core_0.3.65_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Wed Apr 1 00:01:16 CEST 2009

0.3.65 of grml-etc-core successfully installed in grml-testing. 
Closes: 642,616,657,447,641
 grml-etc-core (0.3.65) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Frank Terbeck ]
   * zshrc: Add $NOTITLE to disable alteration of terminal titles.
     Based on an idea by Timo Boettcher.
   * zshrc: Cleaned up abbreviations by Alexander Steinböck.
     [Closes: issue642]
   * zshrc: source ~/.zshrc.local for root, too.
   * zshrc: Added a space to a grep related abbreviation for seamless
     typing; by Alexander Steinböck [Closes: issue616]
   * zshrc: Fix pattern to extract battery status from newer acpi
     versions. [Closes: issue657]
   * zshrc: Always read /etc/default/locale. Users are expected to
     adjust locale settings via '.zshrc.local'.
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * vimrc: add check for $NOPRECMD [Closes: issue447]
   * vimrc: enable features only if available [Closes: issue641]
   * zshrc: use 'setopt noglobdots' as [Open]SuSE uses in its
     /etc/zshrc 'setopt globdots' by default.
 62ef5f0963dbbc06fcce7734720ebd1d5f40a48b 873 grml-etc-core_0.3.65.dsc
 c131241e8dc510af121369aba69de1edd51beccf 108395 grml-etc-core_0.3.65.tar.gz
 8e6a8457af03923796f4139b08fd5aedb37b6246 110998 grml-etc-core_0.3.65_all.deb
 0df43059ce49c14ae32fb7094fc1dcd349e77268b70a020e969753756bfd29f2 873 grml-etc-core_0.3.65.dsc
 a712a6574c35e91cece4915141edfbc97fb1a9c83802ce3baa6db456dc0061b1 108395 grml-etc-core_0.3.65.tar.gz
 f0db9e49de5244a21d0a8667a160a17708367383d0b9c1d2a5a18ccb09c9441b 110998 grml-etc-core_0.3.65_all.deb
 c8d22f616392fcd8d1654c84a55f98a1 873 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.3.65.dsc
 55c659366f4d2492e94a72891cde251a 108395 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.3.65.tar.gz
 17e5265a0096073b52ddb159ab149046 110998 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.3.65_all.deb

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