grml-terminalserver_0.96_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Fri Feb 29 02:09:56 CET 2008

0.96 of grml-terminalserver successfully installed in grml-testing. 

 grml-terminalserver (0.96) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed breakage introduced by boot layout change.
 cc689862c7fede088f200281eeb8c5d3 685 net optional grml-terminalserver_0.96.dsc
 10f579e2ecf994c0e3511143bc30e91b 37498 net optional grml-terminalserver_0.96.tar.gz
 0a92e345f80676da05c7632bf1416e42 40772 net optional grml-terminalserver_0.96_i386.deb

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