grml-tips_0.4.9_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Sat Feb 9 17:30:08 CET 2008

0.4.9 of grml-tips successfully installed in grml-testing. 

 grml-tips (0.4.9) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Michael Gebetsroither ]
   * Added tip:
     - Show what happens on /dev/sda0
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * Bump Standard-Version to 3.7.3 (no further changes).
   * Added tips:
     - Convert Flash to Avi
     - Tip regarding the "unrecognised disk label" problem of fdisk
     - Usage example for cryptsetup / -luks encrypted partition on LVM
 f8260bbe65669035d03d1511e7803f5e 572 grml optional grml-tips_0.4.9.dsc
 aaaa8bbe8f1fc164ff7993a5a9a4e4a6 36780 grml optional grml-tips_0.4.9.tar.gz
 8d04bd165b7f19fd15a8ae9cfdab3c51 39270 grml optional grml-tips_0.4.9_all.deb

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