grml-live_0.0.10_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Mon Nov 26 01:11:34 CET 2007

0.0.10 of grml-live successfully installed in grml-testing. 
Testing: 340
 grml-live (0.0.10) unstable; urgency=low
   * Drop patches which are part of FAI 3.2.3 now. Depend on
     FAI version 3.2.3 therefor.
   * FAI 3.2.3 has a new log schema, adjusted grml-live accordingly.
     Quoting the NEWS file of FAI:
     - LOGDIR is now /var/log/fai/$HOSTNAME/$FAI_ACTION_date+time
     - LOGDIR is /tmp/fai during an installation (not dirinstall), and
       will be copied to the path above at the end of an installation
   * Log the executed FAI, squashfs and mkisofs command lines to
   * New option '-C <configuration_file>' for specifying a configuration
     file. Needs heavy testing though, because the files are updated
     during runtime it isn't as easy as expected to be. :-/
   * Support $ZERO_FAI_LOGFILE inside grml-live configuration for removing
     old FAI logs.
   * Do not enable apt-listbugs if the binary is not available.
     [Testing: issue340]
   * Add keychain package to GRML_SMALL.
   * Add new packages to GRML_MEDIUM:
     - grml-live
     - keychain
     - lzma-modules-2.6.23-grml
     - squashfs-modules-2.6.23-grml (we build the module external now)
   * Add new packages to GRML_FULL:
     - aosd-cat
     - grml-live
     - lzma-modules-2.6.23-grml
     - squashfs-modules-2.6.23-grml (we build the module external now)
   * Support loading of squashfs module via
   * Make sure we have pinning for grml-stable and grml-testing
     repositories via /etc/grml/fai/apt/preferences, not matter where
     the packages come from (web vs. local mirror/cache for example).
   * Remove base.tgz from chroot directory.
   * Do not create /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and
     /etc/sysconfig/provider any longer in cleanup script.
   * Fix typo in bootsplash f3 (thanks, jimmy).
   * Switch order of 'lang=us apm=power-off' to 'apm=poweroff' in
     isolinyx/syslinux/grub configuration because getbootparam
     of grml-autoconfig requires a whitespace inside /proc/cmdline.
   * Support grml2ram bootoption inside isolinyx/syslinux/grub
 66d1b9d4fa5c29fa766b84405679bfb7 607 grml extra grml-live_0.0.10.dsc
 7ba6982a6deb096c23863278cfc620fe 1923445 grml extra grml-live_0.0.10.tar.gz
 47adc93fb05e2623dc6abeefc5260678 1912490 grml extra grml-live_0.0.10_all.deb

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