truecrypt-2.6.23-grml_4.3a-3_i386.changes REJECT in grml-testing

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Sun Nov 25 21:51:59 CET 2007

4.3a-3 of truecrypt-2.6.23-grml REJECTED in grml-testing. 

 truecrypt-2.6.23-grml (4.3a-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Rebuild against 2.6.23-grml version grml.03.
 55f845112f2ca0c4c7b2e6941ca3998f 613 utils optional truecrypt-2.6.23-grml_4.3a-3.dsc
 1e3a29689d70207c62f8a53a6024e7fe 14773 utils optional truecrypt-2.6.23-grml_4.3a-3.diff.gz
 f8d87598fc5caf9caf57bdeebff28562 218522 utils optional truecrypt-2.6.23-grml_4.3a-3_i386.deb

have been rejected: Something went wrong whilst including the package

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