grml-x_0.3.36_i386.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Sun Nov 18 23:10:39 CET 2007

0.3.36 of grml-x successfully installed in grml-testing. 
Testing: 339
 grml-x (0.3.36) unstable; urgency=low
   * Disable vmmouse in xorg.conf.vmware for now as it's broken
     currently in Debian/unstable. [Testing: issue339]
   * Include particleman in window manager completion of zsh.
 c31fb17098d8dc7706ff6d31599a239d 594 grml optional grml-x_0.3.36.dsc
 1b32b499f8cde4a62a0b981e45b53872 23070 grml optional grml-x_0.3.36.tar.gz
 797a90d6cff1262c9160b236846be2bf 23128 grml optional grml-x_0.3.36_all.deb

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