lcdtest_1.08-2_i386.changes REJECT in grml-testing

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Sun Nov 4 15:26:14 CET 2007

1.08-2 of lcdtest REJECTED in grml-testing. 

 lcdtest (1.08-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Add netpbm to Build-Depends.
 52f8b5a72e05d9f26617151f41f620b1 601 utils extra lcdtest_1.08-2.dsc
 5f95f4678f5798a919ab3445c2ff6591 1971 utils extra lcdtest_1.08-2.diff.gz
 676845a32273958842052ef20068d94c 13974 utils extra lcdtest_1.08-2_i386.deb

have been rejected: Something went wrong whilst including the package

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