[Grml-devel] Workitems from Grml developer meeting on 2011-10-31

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Oct 31 22:10:23 CET 2011


thanks to ch, formorer, jimmy and mru for joining the Grml developer

As a reminder and JFTR, this are the final workitems of this

* Move netboot packages to mirror [mika+formorer]
* Publish grml-www to github [ch, as soon as netboot packs are gone]
* Write blog entries about current server setup, showcase tools [jimmy]
* Implement UEFI boot stuff [mru]
* Streamline server documentation [formorer + jimmy ]
* Develop basic idea for transition from grml-medium to grml-full [ch]
* Announce next devmeeting [ch/mika]
  * schedule for e.g. monday, 14th of november
* Deploy backuppc [formorer]
  * Sync with ch regarding data transfer
* Integrate blog.grml.org into existing infrastructure [ch + jimmy/formorer]
* Start some analytics stuff [mru]
* Have a look at the fix branch for the constitution [everyone]
* grml2hd (move out of PATH) [mika]
* readd /graphics/ to grml-www packages [ch/mika]
* package cleanup [ch/mika/]

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