[Grml-devel] Grml IRC meeting notes from 2011-11-14

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Nov 14 21:02:54 CET 2011


notes from today's IRC meeting:

* Discuss texttool group
  -> New member Bernhard Tittelbach
     -> no objections raised, no changes necessary
* Discuss future grml flavours
  -> announce new package list on -devel, -users [ch]
     (incl. speakup, -mini)
* Release status
  -> kernel [mika/ch]
  -> UEFI [mru?]
  -> merge GRML_IR branch [ch]
* remove wm-ng [mika]
  -> wm-ng is pretty much pointless with new Grml ISO,
     so let's get rid of it
  -> make grml-quickconfig autostart grml-x with default wm
     when only one wm installed [mika]
* Meeting interval
  -> doodle for day & time, ch will send it to grml-devel ML
* Zsh cleanup as proposed by Frank
  will be discussed in more detail
* Wallpaper
  -> we'll drop release specific wallpapers
* Move mirror infrastructure into hands of the team
  -> WIP, needs reschedule since all mirror-interested people
     were missing from the meeting

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