[Grml-devel] Splitting grml-scripts into grml-scripts and grml-scripts-core

Sebastian Boehm sebastian at sometimesfood.org
Tue Dec 28 16:56:47 CET 2010


Recently I talked to some colleagues of mine about having a
grml-scripts-core package that only contains the grml-scripts needed
for grml-etc-core's screen setup.

Since this idea seems to have been well received and the split has
been mentioned in the minutes of the Grml Developer Meeting 2010, I
thought I might as well clean up the packages I have been using for
some time now and see if they can save you some work:


(Obviously these should be pulled into two separate repositories, I
just found the branching more comfortable until the package split is

Programs I chose for inclusion in grml-scripts-core:
 - cpu-screen and cpu-screen.sh (used by grml-etc-core)
 - ip-screen (used by grml-etc-core)
 - lesspipe.sh (much more versatile than Debian's lesspipe(1))
 - code2color (used by lesspipe.sh)
 - grml-screen (nice addition to grml-etc-core)

I mostly tried to keep my changes to the bare minimum necessary for a
proper split, if I missed something, just let me know.

Things I did:
 - move programs
 - fix debian/rules, Makefiles, lintian overrides etc.
 - fix manpages
 - add package descriptions
 - add depends/breaks to debian/control as recommended by the Debian
 policy manual

The resulting packages pass lintian without warnings.

If you have any questions, just drop me a line and I'll be happy to

Best regards

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