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Sun Jun 5 21:54:03 CEST 2011

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The annotated tag, v3.0_a17-1+grml.00 has been created
        at  d6e9ca3908ef7ff5efc24eb1d487e4bc1e8c7087 (tag)
   tagging  33f5ff6353cc028d185915dcb6e25cbf8835ebbd (commit)
  replaces  debian/3.0_a17-1
 tagged by  Michael Prokop
        on  Sun Jun 5 21:53:49 2011 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
release 3.0_a17-1+grml.00
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Christian Hofstaedtler (11):
      Merge branch 'debian' of git://live.debian.net/git/live-boot into debian
      add dpatch support to build process
      readd grml patches
      remove unused boot scripts
      update debian/control for grml
      ensure 10validateroot is executable
      Always honor the "nodhcp" boot option
      don't mess around with kernel/initramfs-tools' ip=
      networking_grml: DNS for systems without resolvconf
      Merge dhcphostname support into 23networking-grml
      support DNS in boot environment

Daniel Baumann (87):
      Adding debian version 2.0~a1-1.
      Removing locales bottom script, now handled by live-config.
      Simplyfing makefile a bit.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a2-1.
      Removing umountfs bottom script, not needed anymore.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a3-1.
      Removing obsolete boot parameter from manpages.
      Running checkbashisms with -f and -x in Makefile.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a4-1.
      Ammending 2.0~a3-1 changelog entry with bug number.
      Renaming internal ext_mountpoint variable to alt_mountpoint for clarity.
      Dropping /etc/live.conf, replaced mostly by /etc/live/config.conf of live-config.
      Removing apt_cdrom bottom script, not used anyway.
      Removing some boot parameters obsoleted by live-config.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a5-1.
      Updating update-version script.
      Updating update-version script.
      Removing keyboard bottom script, live-config takes care about that now.
      Removing getty and login wrappers, live-config takes care about that now.
      Removing configure_init bottom script, live-config takes care about that now.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a6-1.
      Removing xconfig, xdriver, and xvideomode scripts, live-config takes care about that now.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a7-1.
      Removing serialtty bottom script.
      Removing compcache configuration file.
      Removing options that are now in live-config from parameters.txt.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a8-1.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a9-1.
      Removing depends on live-config in live-boot.
      Adding live-config-sysvinit to depends of live-initramfs.
      Alternatively depend on busybox or busybox-initramfs on live-boot-initramfs-tools.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a10-1.
      Updating lintian overrides.
      Adding missing depends in live-boot on its backend package.
      Removing noautologin parameter from live script, this functionallity was moved to live-config.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a11-1.
      Adding preparations for booting through syslinux memdisk.
      Adding btrfs support.
      Updating package to standards version 3.9.0.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a12-1.
      Listing fromiso parameter in manpage (Closes: #588667).
      Improving test targets in Makefile a bit.
      Improving clean target in manpages Makefile a bit.
      Adding Chris in copyright file (for live-snapshot that is).
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a13-1.
      Improving backend dependencies (Closes: #589326).
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a14-1.
      Making inclusion of languagelist conditional in live hook.
      Updating depends of live-initramfs transitional package to reflect relaxed backend depends.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a15-1.
      Adding support for resolving DNS names from initramfs, thanks to Michal Suchanek <hramrach at centrum.cz> for initial patch which this is based on (Closes: #589659).
      Don't fail in Makefile when there's no checkbashism.
      Updating package to standards version 3.9.1.
      Releasing debian version 2.0~a16-1.
      Updating debian-installer languagelist.
      Moving configs to etc directory within the source tree.
      Removing old docs.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.0-1.
      Using allow-hotplug instead of auto in automatically created /etc/network/interfaces file.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.1-1.
      Updating seperators in networking bottom script to fix ip parameter parsing (Closes: #590494).
      Updating live-build reference in manpages.
      Checking for file existence in initramfs hook (Closes: #595264).
      Adding live-toram script to copy the running live system to ram and eject the live media.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.2-1.
      Exiting with 0 in live-boot bug script (Closes: #595262).
      Using boot.d instead of boot.conf.d as directory name for custom configuration files.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.3-1.
      Applying patch from Luke Yelavich <themuso at ubuntu.com> to instead of mangling the main sudoers file in accessibility bottom script, create a new file in /etc/sudoers.d and set permissions appropriately.
      Applying patch from Michael Casadevall <mcasadevall at ubuntu.com> to add platform-sata_mv to is_nice_device() to allow Marvell Dove A0 and AVD1 to properly boot live media.
      Updating uinstall targets in makefile.
      Removing usplash support from initscript, usplash is dead.
      Removing usplash support in initramfs, usplash is dead.
      Adding plymouth in bug script.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.4-1.
      Adding patch from Colin Watson <cjwatson at ubuntu.com> to follow symlinks when checking for dynamically linked files at reboot in initscript.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.5-1.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.6-1.
      Running manpage rebuild after manpage updates.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.7-1.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.8-1.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.9-1.
      Don't do anything in initscript when using toram (Closes: #601575).
      Releasing debian version 2.0.10-1.
      Removing deep link to bug page in the manual, since we don't have stable references yet.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.11-1.
      Releasing debian version 2.0.12-1.

Marco Amadori (7):
      Avoiding using busybox cpio applet, this should fix snapshot restore.
      Do not print misleading debug message if the snapshot was found correctly.
      Removing unreachable code in ethdevice argument handling (Closes: #588307).
      Fix snapshots' sync-strings usage (Closes: #591330).
      Fixed some snapshot related debug messages.
      Added support for empty (initial) snapshots.
      Included a note about persistent-subtext (Helps: #536728).

Michael Prokop (4):
      Adding workaround for aufs issue in kernel versions around 2.6.33.
      Add patch 19_revert_toram_bootoption_to_expected_behaviour.dpatch.
      Support dns bootoption.
      Release new version 3.0~a17-1+grml.00.

Michal Suchanek (13):
      Fixing http boot:
      Adding support for booting iso images over http or wget.
      Removing leftover url= option, this ain't gonna work this way, see fetch=.
      Adding DHCP debugging option.
      Updating docs wrt/ httpfs.
      Moving check for iso image in initscript from the start to the end before ejecting media.
      Using sendsigs.omit to avoid killing / (Closes: #584690).
      Adding initial iSCSI boot support.
      Really set NETBOOT with iSCSI.
      Document iscsi in the man page.
      Fix missing log_end_msg in live-boot.init.
      Fix omitpids to work with readonly images.
      Adding initial support for unionmount.

Steven Shiau (1):
      Allowing to assign no gateway in networking bottom script.

T(A)ILS developers (3):
      Fixing overzealous blacklist usage.
      Adding documentation for persistent=cryptsetup in the manpage.
      Fixing fromiso= on Squeeze.

Ulrich Dangel (12):
      Merge commit 'debian/3.0_a17-1' into debian
      Support lvm devices for live-media.
      Support raid devices as well
      Change output to live-boot.log
      Explicit specify offset parameter for setup_loop [Closes: issue1003]
      Remove dba from uploader as this is a grml project
      Support static ip configuration
      Improve static version
      Change nodhcp patch to unset the DHCP option as well
      Support nodhcp bootoption
      Ignore devices with no file matching the findiso parameter.
      Dont show an error message if /live/image is already unmounted.

amnesia (1):
      Adding live-snapshot.list documentation to manpage.

intrigeri (1):
      Fixing find_snap to take its second argument into account.


grml's version of live-boot

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