commit: Fix location of files (gnaah)

Michael Prokop mika at
Sun Aug 26 10:18:28 CEST 2007

Changeset available online at:

changeset:   2:9474a0ca41801d4d9f9a070d2152771968849582
user:        Michael Prokop <mika at>
date:        Sun Aug 26 10:17:51 2007 +0200
files:       AUTHORS COPYING ChangeLog INSTALL NEWS README aclocal.m4 atov.c configure defs.h depcomp install-sh lex.c lex.l main.c missing op-1.32/AUTHORS op-1.32/COPYING op-1.32/ChangeLog op-1.32/INSTALL op-1.32/ op-1.32/ op-1.32/NEWS op-1.32/README op-1.32/aclocal.m4 op-1.32/atov.c op-1.32/ op-1.32/configure op-1.32/ op-1.32/defs.h op-1.32/depcomp op-1.32/install-sh op-1.32/lex.c op-1.32/lex.l op-1.32/main.c op-1.32/missing op-1.32/op.1 op-1.32/op.conf op-1.32/op.conf.complex op-1.32/ op-1.32/op.pam op-1.32/op.paper op-1.32/regexp.c op-1.32/regexp.h op-1.32/util.c op.1 op.conf op.conf.complex op.pam op.paper regexp.c regexp.h util.c
Fix location of files (gnaah)

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