[issue1342] grml-lock fails; vlock --new option missing

dab bts at bts.grml.org
Fri Feb 6 04:57:57 CET 2015

New submission from dab <dabreese00 at gmail.com>:

In grml 2014.11 full version both i386 and amd64, grml-lock fails giving the error
vlock: loading plugin "new" failed: No such file or directory

This is apparently because currently vlock's --new option is disabled in Debian
upstream due to a bug that was "too hard to fix":
See this thread for details:

Not sure if grml wants to work on this, but it appears that Debian currently has
no plans of re-enabling the --new option.  Thus presumably unless something
changes, grml-lock will remain unable to lock X sessions indefinitely.  At least
that's what I think I gather.

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title: grml-lock fails; vlock --new option missing

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