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Sat Nov 10 02:53:38 CET 2012

New submission from Coffee accessories Supply <haicncparts at qq.com>:


Today i would like to introduce you our new Barista Tools including coffee  
tamper, milk jug, coffee thermometer and other coffee accessories.

1 Coffee tamper , SS or Aluminum, 49-58MM, Flat base,  $5.5/pc
1pc of Milk jug,  SS,  20oz,  $3.0/pc
1 Knock box, Stainless steel ; 17*16*15CM (hight);  $5.0/pc
2 Shot Glass with scale, 1.5oz Capacity;  $0.5/pc
1 Frothing thermometer with clip in Bilister packing;  $1.5/pc
1 Group head brush, PP handle, Nylon Brush,  $0.6/pc

We would be very glad to receive your early reply to know your interest in  
our products. We have many other coffee tools such as Latte stencil, latte  
needle and so on in our catalogue.

Best Regards,

Export Manager


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