[issue1119] boot option 'persistent=nofiles' not working properly

Frank Prochnow bts at bts.grml.org
Sun Dec 25 21:44:35 CET 2011

Frank Prochnow <doc42 at gmx.net> added the comment:

On the picture, the second option from the bottom: grml32 - Persistent mode

Find a detailed description here:

It adds the boot option: persistent=nofiles

This should activate the debian package 'live-boot' and mount the filesystem
labeled 'live-rw' instead of tmpfs to /live/cow

but it doesn't

so my suggestion was to use the parameter 'persistent' instead of
'persistent=nofiles' according to the 'live-boot' documentation to make it more
the '=nofiles' is optional anyway and should make the scan for the label a bit
faster, but it's useless to have a faster but non-working option.

if i delete the '=nofiles' from the commandline via <TAB> it works perfectly

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nosy: Hesmon
priority: bug
status: need-eg
title: boot option 'persistent=nofiles' not working properly

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