[issue569] boot fails on grml 2009.05 on a Toshiba Portege R600-101

Darshaka Pathirana bts at bts.grml.org
Sun Aug 9 13:24:22 CEST 2009

Darshaka Pathirana <dpat at syn-net.org> added the comment:

Hi Mika!

You've been faster than I have been...

On 08/07/2009 01:25 PM, Michael Prokop wrote:
> failsafe is an alias for:
> vga=normal boot=live noautoconfig atapicd noapic noacpi acpi=off nomodules 
> nofirewire noudev nousb nohotplug noapm nopcmcia nosmp maxcpu
> s=0 noscsi noagp nodma ide=nodma noswap nofstab nosound nogpm nosyslog nodhcp 
> nocpu nodisc nomodem xmodule=vesa noraid nolvm noresume selinux=0 edd=off
> Could you please try to find out which option is relevant for your system?
> (Try binary search to speed up testing.)

After sending my previous post I did a last quick test and guess
what: first try, first hit! ;) -> "edd=off" did the trick (again).

So similar to issue348 "edd=off" makes the machine boot but before
closing this (again) I have to ask where this problem comes from.

Again: Ubuntu and gparted had no difficulties with booting their
Live-CDs so the question is if this is a (vanilla-)kernel problem
(and there is a upstream-bts-entry somewhere) or if this is

IMHO using a bootoption to get the system running should be
considered broken and we should keep this open until it is
//really// solved. Don't you think so too?

 - Darsha

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title: boot fails on grml 2009.05 on a Toshiba Portege R600-101

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