[issue715] suggested re-work of myconfig, GRMLCFG, config, debs and scripts

Michael Prokop bts at bts.grml.org
Wed Aug 5 15:51:59 CEST 2009

Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> added the comment:

Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> has uploaded a package that may fix your bug.
Please test the package and inform the maintainer whether
version 0.8.24 of grml-autoconfig works as intended or not.

Thank you

The changelog is attached below

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Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2009 15:44:41 +0200
Source: grml-autoconfig
Binary: grml-autoconfig
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.8.24
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org>
Changed-By: Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org>
 grml-autoconfig - main bootup process of a grml system
 grml-autoconfig (0.8.24) unstable; urgency=low
   * Check for space after bootoption 'fast' so we do not conflict
     with new kernel bootoption fastboot.
   * New bootoption 'nostartx': if using startx as default bootoption
     the bootoption 'nostartx' disables automatic startup of X.
   * Apply patch by Marc Haber regarding re-work of debs, config
     and scripts handling (thanks a lot!):
     - debs, config and scripts are always searched and read from the
       same place ($dcs-dir). Which place this is varies, depending on
       GRMLCFG, noautoconfig and myconfig.
     - debs are searched in $dcs-dir/debs. If debs=foo is given, foo is
       taken as a shell wildcard for the debs being installed, paths are
       allowed and relative to $dcs-dir.
     - config archives (config.tbz) are searched directly in $dcs-dir. If
       config=foo is given and foo is a file, that file is unpacked and its
       content taken as configuration archive. If config=foo is given and foo
       is a directory, the contents of the directory tree is copied over the
       live CD configuration. paths are allowed and relative to $dcs-dir
     - scripts are searched in $dcs-dir/scripts. If scripts=foo is given
       and foo is a file, that file is executed. If scripts=foo is given and
       foo is a directory, all files inside that directory are executed.
       Paths are allowed and relative to $dcs-dir.
     - If no GRMLCFG partition is found and noautoconfig is _not_ given
       on the command line, nothing is changed and the dcs files are
       searched within the .iso, $dcs-dir is set to the root directory
       within the .iso
     - If a GRMLCFG partition is found, $dcs-dir is set to the root of
       the GRMLCFG partition unless noautoconfig is set. If noautoconfig is
       set, $dcs-dir is set to the root directory within the .iso.
     - If myconfig=foo is set on the command line, $dcs-dir is set to
       foo, even if a GRMLCFG partition is present.
     [Testing: issue715]
   * Drop config_cdrom_scripts(): the bootoption "script" is triggered
     by bootoption "scripts" and was never officially documented.
   * Switch wording from 'CD' to 'live mode' where possible.
   * Bump Build-Depends to debhelper >=5.
   * Bump Standard-Version to 3.8.2 (no further changes).
   * Use invoke-rc.d for starting network instead of invoking the
     init script directly.
   * Add LSB header to init script grml-autoconfig.strace.
   * Add placeholder functions for start/restart/reload/stop to
   * Adjust copyright file (add reference to GPL-2, adjust year).
 8eabc5d2f97f89062396ef2d1465e9f7f3ea6678 882 grml-autoconfig_0.8.24.dsc
 08f51efed18314b98f5008ec2b5692bb219d4831 56473 grml-autoconfig_0.8.24.tar.gz
 eb06b1011aa464e2c08c2586b0b66a5a62713c05 58370 grml-autoconfig_0.8.24_all.deb
 bc8422240bebb62d104cc472bc73a08597cf8ab7ba0e5ec77369053a93b1739b 882 grml-autoconfig_0.8.24.dsc
 cc378762650a55d5e3f820b62b5bb4ac9a6343156ab6030712e26d653fdce8ad 56473 grml-autoconfig_0.8.24.tar.gz
 1437ab4c89219faf878f6c62f728b2dc0c0d824232fab557821c1f9f52ae515a 58370 grml-autoconfig_0.8.24_all.deb
 4e5b81848f5a172a83e62e2020e392c4 882 grml optional grml-autoconfig_0.8.24.dsc
 fd27d39a741f7532e22c11203930c3af 56473 grml optional grml-autoconfig_0.8.24.tar.gz
 8cf3459650f5eb8d7899442eaf45372e 58370 grml optional grml-autoconfig_0.8.24_all.deb

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assignedto: mika
files: 0001-re-work-of-debs-config-scripts-handling-according-to.patch, autoconfig.diff, autoconfig.functions.diff, grml-autoconfig.diff
messages: 2366, 2368, 2369, 2372, 2395, 2401, 2403, 2404, 2405, 2406, 2407, 2408, 2409, 2410, 2411
nosy: mika, zugschlus
priority: wish
status: testing
title: suggested re-work of myconfig, GRMLCFG, config, debs and scripts
topic: release-stopper

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